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About Brooklyn

About Brooklyn

Brooklyn was named by Dr. Rueben Sears in 1854 because it lies between 2 brooks, Big Bear Creek and Little Bear Creek.   Brooklyn’s first Mayor was L.L. Littlefield in 1869.  In 1860 the population of Brooklyn stood at 459.  By 1870 the population had exploded to 1250.  At the latest census in 2010 we stood at 1468.




Brooklyn is known as the Community of Flags.  In 1991 Brooklyn put up an avenue of flags to welcome RAGBRAI riders into Brooklyn.  That gave Alexander Wehrle an idea.  He hoped to raise enough money to build a flag display in Brooklyn.  One flagpole was to be so tall that motorists could see it from parts of Interstate 80 and Highway 6.  He hoped to turn Brooklyn into the Community of Flags.

That idea is now a reality with a large Flag Display sitting up on a hill next to the Brooklyn Museum.  At the top of the hill is an 80 foot flag pole bearing a 20 x 38’ US Flag.  The 80' flag pole was donated by Alex Wehrle.  There are 11 rows of 5 similar flag poles that gradually lead up to steps to the larger pole.  Each of the 25’ poles has one of the 50 state flags.  The first row features different flags depending if there is a foreign exchange student or dignitary in town.

To raise the money the Community of Flags committee opened a Flag Store on November 21st in downtown Brooklyn.  The Flag Store features flags from around the world, and many antique and craft vendors.  The store raises money for the upkeep and improvement of the Flag Display.  Today it is filled to the brim with a waiting list of vendors wanting to get it.

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