Brooklyn Iowa

Nuisance Department

Animal Control

Dangerous Animals and Vicious Dogs:

No American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Rottweiler or any mixed breeds of any of the above dogs are allowed in City Limits. No person shall keep, shelter, or harbor any above dog as a pet, or act a temporary custodian for such dog, in any capacity within Brooklyn city limits.

Removal: All vicious dogs shall be permanently removed from city limits. Any vicious dog that returns to Brooklyn city limits after removal shall be destroyed.

Mayor's Declaration: Upon receipt of a complaint that a dog is a vicious dog, the Mayor shall determine whether the complaint is credible, and if the Mayor determines the complaint is credible, then the Mayor shall declare the dog to be a vicious dog.

At Large Prohibited:

It is unlawful for any owner to allow an animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the city.

Annoyance or Disturbance:

It is unlawful for the owner of a dog to allow or permit such dog to cause serious annoyance or disturbance to any person or persons by frequent and habitual howling, yelping, or barking. Dogs running after or chasing persons, bicycles, automobiles, or other vehicles is also unlawful.

Animal Neglect:

It is unlawful for a person who impounds or confines an animal, to fail to supply the animal during confinement with a sufficient quantity of food or water, or to fail to provide a confined dog or cat with adequate shelter. No animal may be tortured, mutilated, beaten, or killed by any means, which causes unjust pain, distress, or suffering.


Junk and Junk Vehicles Prohibited:

It is unlawful for any person to store, accumulate, or allow to remain on private property within the corporate limits of the City any junk or junk vehicle. A junk vehicle may be stored in an enclosed structure such as a garage.

A junk vehicle is any vehicle with:
A crack or broken windshield
A missing door, fender, bumper, hood, steering wheel, trunk top, or tail pipe
Any vehicle which has become the habitat for mice, rats, snakes, or insects
Any inoperable vehicle
Any unlicensed vehicle
Any vehicle which constitutes a threat to public health and safety

Long Grass:

Each property owner and each person in possession or control of any property shall keep the grass mowed to a height of not more than eight inches. Grass shall be mowed so that cut grass is not discharged from the mower into any street or alley.

Weeds and Brush:

It is unlawful to allow a dense growth of all weeds, vines, brush, or other vegetation in the city so as to constitute a health, safety, or fire hazard.

Sanitary Disposal Required:

It is the duty of each owner to provide for the sanitary disposal of all refuse accumulating on the owners premises, improved or vacant, or any public place, such quantities of solid waste that constitute a health, sanitation, or fire hazard.

Open Burning:

Burn barrels to burn garbage are not allowed. The only things that can be burned are yard waste, such as tree limbs, sticks, grass clippings, etc. When you burn things other than that, it is in violation of a City Ordinance. The City of Brooklyn hopes that each property owner will be considerate of their neighbors and not burn items that create a nuisance.


To report a nuisance a complaint form needs to be filled out and signed. The form will then be taken to the City Council for a decision on what action to take. Usually a letter will be sent to the owner in question asking them to abate the nuisance before taking any legal action. You may print a Citizen Form to Voice Concerns here.


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