Brooklyn Iowa

East Poweshiek Ambulance Service

The East Poweshiek Ambulance Service was organized in 1976 by a group of some 25 volunteers. Today, it is housed at the Public Safety Building at 400 East Pershing, Brooklyn, Iowa.

Members Include:    

Director - Traci Smith (Paramedic)                               
President - Carl Tubbs                              
Treasurer - Rob Hanlon  


  1. Traci Smith
  2. Rob Hanlon    


  1. Michelle Graham    
  2. Kurt Hall    
  3. Mindy Icenbice    
  4. Ginette McFarland - Secretary    
  5. Ryan Miller    
  6. Tisha Miller  
  7. Steve Plants  


  1. Jeremy Mann    
  2. Steve Plants
  3. Dennis Solem      
  4. Carl Tubbs    
  5. Jim Zigler    


Dads Belgium Waffle Breakfast

Soup Supper with Fire Department - every October before a home football game

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