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Library Needs Help

January 4, 2018

Brooklyn Public Library Needs Your Help

Since the Brooklyn Public Library relies on the generosity of individuals like you to fund the Building and Maintenance Account, we ask you to consider a donation to our cause.  Many people have reported a need for handicap accessible doors at the library.  After researching the cheapest option it was determined to use the existing doors and hook them up to a Wi Fi System.  The cost for the Wi Fi system for 2 doors, installation and electrician charges will run close to $6,000.00.  The library has received 1 charitable donation of $1,000.00 toward this goal.  If anyone has memorial money, etc. that you’re not sure how to spend please keep the Brooklyn Public Library in mind.  Thank You.  Any questions can be directed to Librarian LuAnn Jahlas or Board Members: Janean Stuart, Matt Maschmann, Tammy Kriegel, Kathy Minnaert, Chris Hurst, Bob Lacina or Carla Kriegel. 

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